The inspiration came during a discussion with one of my mentors(not NaijaHacks mentor). He talked about the high level of kidnapping with no trace and many other insecurities challenging the Africam race and hence our solution.

What it does

It uses the in-built GPS device on a phone with the aid of our app to post location updates periodically to our secure servers. On the event of missing personnel or missing device, loved once can go online to our website and query location data within a particular period and we'll display a map with markers indicating the movement of such person till the device goes down. In the case of accidents, it also has an accident detecting feature that auto alerts loved once an emergency has been confirmed. The SMS alert is powered via Nexmo, our website is hosted on Linode and our domain is registered with gen-XYZ

How I built it

Teamwork, they say makes the dream work. It was a collective effort of experienced Software Engineers. It makes use of NodeJS for the API service and React in frontend web. Meanwhile, the Android version was written natively with Java

Challenges I ran into

Time and personnel availability was a really big deal.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud to be a full stack web developer, android developer, .net developer and an upcoming AI Engineer

What I learned

I learned how to develop under pressure, write clean code and most importantly, lead and work with a team

What's next for LiveTrack

We hope to get sponsors, we have a very strong business model that is undisclosed and many other use-cases.

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