LiveTrace AVR is meant to bring out the artist in you. We use the Oculus Rift to transfer you to a very inspiring and beautiful virtual environment. Then, we give you a sketchpad on which you can express your art, except that the sketchpad is real. Here is how it works: You see something inspiring, you take a picture of it and upload it using the LiveTrace AVR app. Then, you can pick a beautiful virtual environment to teleport to, grab the sketchpad and put the Oculus Rift on. The picture you clicked appears as an overlay on your sketchpad, which you can trace using a real marker on your real sketchpad. While enjoying the view of a beautiful virtual environment.

The LiveTrace AVR app on your smartphone uses the Wolframalpha engine to render a sketch out of the image you clicked. Then you pick a peaceful virtual environment to sit in and put the Oculus Rift on. You are teleported in to a beautiful environment. There is a real sketchpad in front of you which is captured by a webcam and displayed realtime in your VR in front of you. The image that was rendered as a sketch by the LiveTrace AVR app appears as an overlay. Now grab a marker and trace it out on you sketchpad.

LiveTrace AVR uses virtual reality to make a real artist out of you.

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