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LiveTags is a a easy and cost-effective way to showcase photos live at your event.


Social Media is now ubiquitous and has been become a key part of events be they Birthdays, Weddings, Meetups, Conferences or Concerts. Event attendees at interact with other attendees and brands during events; but these interactions are often:

  • Hard to visualise; and
  • Invisible to most attendees (who may not be interacting on social media)

In addition existing solutions are complicated and expensive. The downside is you can't use them at your party, wedding or meetup.

The Gap

To date no-one has developed a service that makes it easy to visualise the photos from and event as it happens; sharing them with all the event participants easily on a shared screen.

There shouldn't be black magic in this; and it can be done with a simple website run on a laptop, tablet or chromecast. This makes the solution simple and affordable.

Its Simple

To use is simple.

  • First; decide the hashtag you are going to use on instagram / twitter for your event
  • Two; grab a Laptop with a HDMI cord or Chromecast if you have one and hook it up to your TV.
  • Three; go to link and type your "hashtag" in the box provided.
  • Four; use the Twitter and Facebook buttons to link to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  • Five; Select from which template you want to use to display your photos.
  • Six; Decide how long you want your feed to be active; you get 30min free and the most you will pay is $5 for a full month. +Seven; Make your payment (if applicable) through Braintree's easy to use interface ;)

Then your ready to go; make you browser full screen and your away.

How we built it

We aimed to keep it web based to ensure accessibility. This also doesn't lock us into a single display technology as anything capable of rendering a page is a potential endpoint (pc, chromecast, ipad, raspberry pi..) A server exposes a JSON feed of content to a client, which visualises it. This content is currently located on the server however it would be possible to make offline clients which run from a cache.

Challenges we ran into

We picked a new web framework we wanted to tinker with, it slowed us down at the start but was worth the effort.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Boiling down the function into a simple elegant interface, while the product isn't feature rich we were able to get the primary function complete and stable.

What we learnt

Frequent user testing and gathering feedback on the product really helps provide direction. When your in the zone for a hackagong you become very focused on certain function and need to ensure you can step back and continue to provide a solid user experience

What's next for LiveTags

The moon... We've aimed to ship a fully functional product by the end of the weekend. With a defined scope for expansion in functionality. Once live we want to start preparing some advertising for facebook and twitter, which will help drive some initial traffic. We're considering a crowd funding campaign, our approach would be that backers get promo codes for cheaper presentations and other merch.

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