Inspiration Coming into the hackathon, my teammates and I knew we wanted to work on a hack more hardware related. We geared our hack towards the State Farm challenge because how awesome would it be to save money on our future insurance policies.

What it does We created a web app that collects data based on sensor readings connected to a Raspberry Pi. Ideally, a consumer would have the sensors installed, and with the data collected, able to generate a discount based on their safe living.

How we built it We made it by coding with python3, connecting it with a raspberry pi, and integrating it all together with home assistant, flask, and bootstrap.

Challenges we ran into Integrating all the code together from the computer to the pi and the sensors

Accomplishments that we're proud of We successfully put together all the code and sensors to generate data for risk-factor calculation.

What we learned More experience working with all the components, coding experience

What's next for LiveSafe In your homes, saving you money, while you're safe living.

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