In a trip to South Korea this summer, our team learned suicide is one of the main causes of death in the country. But more surprisingly, that people over 65 old are the majority of affected. Lack of family support and solitude are to blame.

Loneliness in the elder population is a growing problem, with rates as high as 52% people over 75 living alone in the UK. And with the global population pyramid inverting in first world countries, this problem is becoming universal. But how do we solve it?

livesaber is an Android and DIRECTV app that makes elders less lonely and families much happier, doing the following:

  • Connects smartphones with the TV for easy live streaming
    • One tap call to those you care about
  • Sends push notifications to remind calling your loved ones
    • Detects odd patterns (not on TV for the past week) and warns you about it
    • Knows when you haven't called in a while
  • Allows short video snaps for when people are away
    • A short video can brighten anybody's day

How we built it

Firebase backend connecting an Android app with the DIRECTV set. Video is streamed through Wowza, converting from RTSP to RTMP to HLS on the fly with ffmpeg.

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