I got the inspiration from an article i read on medium stating how Nigeria has the lowest rating of citizen safety.

What it does

A public safety platform which deals with the collection and dissemination of important incidents(crime, accidents and dangerous events) and awareness information to citizens using their location. The app has two different sections, one which has the voice call, that can be used to call the local emergency service in the area and the other for messages of latest incidents information and happenings about an area

How I built it

I built the voice call and messages information part using the nexmo api. I hosted the site on linode while the domain name was gotten from. Xyz.

Challenges I ran into

The major challenge i ran into was that as a beginner i wasn't used to api use yet, so it was hard deploying it on the side Te

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working with api. Design the looks of the site

What I learned

UI/UX design Api Use

What's next for Lives

To introduce to africa

Link to the github repository


Built With

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