LivePoll lets anyone claim a url-friendly page for their event/lecture/class and ask questions in real-time. Their audience just needs to visit their page on their laptop or mobile device, and new questions are pushed live to browsers for them to vote on. Results are delivered immediately and can be used to focus the rest of the learning experience.

The Rationale Behind LivePoll

Coming down to Seattle from Vancouver, Canada, I wanted to build something at DubHacks that would have real-value - and not build something for technology or novelty's sake. LivePoll delivers on that front and solves a real-world problem: how to turn what are normally passive learning experiences (e.g. talks, presentations, lectures, conferences) into ones which are both engaging and effective.


At university, all educators know that asking their class a question is necessary to keep their attention and reinforce learning - by identifying areas of weakness revisit. Current solutions are either unfeasible and deliver little intelligence - show of hands is inhibitive and doesn't effectively gauge level of understanding - or costly - purchasing hardware such as the iClicker which retail for $50 for students and significantly more when it comes to the capital expense of fitting out a lecture theatre.


Ditto for conferences. Attendees at medical or legal conferences end up renting hardware which is miscellaneous and expensive - WiFi is widely available and mobile phones and laptops can easily handle the voting technology.

The Technology Stack

  • Ruby On Rails
  • JavaScript
  • PostgreSQL
  • jQuery
  • Heroku
  • Git

A little about me

I started programming in June last year and haven't looked back since! This is my second hackathon in the space of a month and I'm having a great time! I've normally work in a team but LivePoll is a SOLO effort (in part because my other team members didn't show up).

No problem though, it's been a great chance to see what I'm made of and I'm pleased at how much I've been able to do in such a short space of time! Thanks for reading!

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