Inspiration The need for a space that has resources that are positive and mindful without having to search for it was the inspiration for this project. Especially during the pandemic, a space that engages with the user in a positive manner unlike social media with its distractions

What it does

It curates important news, resources like videos, pictures, and apps that are related to the user's interest and recommends other mindful topics to the user as well.

How I built it

Using Figma

Challenges I ran into

My teammate and I are not experienced in web development, so to decide on the logistics of the website was challenging

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The website came out as we imagined and we were able to learn how to use Figma

What I learned

I learned the basics of UI/UX and understood how to use Figma

What's next for Lively.

Lively is just a prototype now. The next step would be to incorporate web scraping in order to get our sources. In order, for Lively to be a reality.

Built With

  • figma
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