It's very time-consuming and inefficient to try to google topics we like and bookmark each page. We want a platform that helps us organize resources that we like from different websites in one place.

What it does

We want to focus on the issue of mental health during this stressful time. We are trying to create a platform, either an app or website, with a personalized interface, where users can follow certain topics that they like, and we pick articles, videos, pictures, or other resources from different websites that are generally interesting, positive and engaging, to help boost users’ mental positivity. For example, for people that like baking at home, we might present some hands-on and fun Youtube videos or healthy recipes from other websites to the users. Then we might also incorporate some articles from reputable resources about healthy eating and how we can eat healthily to help relieve our stress and further improve people’s mental health. The difference between our platform and social media is that we select all the positive topics at ONE place so that users do not have to google them and try to bookmark different websites. Also, there are no ads or friends’ posts that may be actually distracting stressful. The concept is a bit similar to that of Pinterest, where users choose the topics that interest them and the website presents matching styles of resources to the users, while our platform is focused on boosting mental health and positive news, especially at this current time. Maybe we will also have workshops about certain topics or seasonal competitions that could showcase people’s creative coping mechanisms targeted at mental health.

How we built it

We built the prototype of our website on figma.

Challenges we ran into

We do not have experience in Web Development to implement the background data collection and organization so we only came up with the prototypes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We heard about figma in one of the workshops in day 1, and then we decided to try on this new UI/UX designing website. We are happy that we learned the basics of it.

What we learned

We are happy that we learned the basics of figma in two days.

What's next for Lively

We will probably find people who can help build the website and turn lively into reality.

Built With

  • figma
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