How we built it

We used Xcode to build two apps that allow users to create records of their trips, which are then uploaded to their iCloud storage so that they can view the trips, and a slideshow of the photos from the trip, along with their stories about the photo, on their Apple TV. We did this with CloudKit, enabling users to share with

Challenges we ran into

Working with CloudKit was a completely new experience for us, so learning how to use the Cloud while we were learning CloudKit made for an interesting struggle. We even had a problem with the cloud pop up just hours before our presentation, though we managed to get the app working properly before presenting on stage.

In addition, this was Adam's first project using Swift and Xcode altogether, and Sean's first experience with many aspects of iOS, such as collection Views, Visual Effect Views, ImageView animations, and all of tvOS

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Not only did we manage to make a functional app, we made TWO functional apps that work well together. We also made a good looking iOS app, and a really attractive photo gallery on the TV

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