What it is

LiveList is a simple chrome extension that saves your craigslist searches, including all options, and notifies you about new listings that match your search in real time. You no longer need to constantly sit on a page checking for new results!


We hated that there was no easy way for you to instantly see when new craigslist posts appeared that might be relevant to you. Whether you're looking for housing, a car, or just some free furniture, it's extremely important that you know right away when new posts are there. LiveList solves this problem.

How We built it

LiveList is built on Google's chrome extension platform. We also keep track of the URLs searched for and the products generated from the URL query. All code is in Javascript.

Challenges We ran into

It took us a long time to figure out how to access the raw HTML content of pages outside of the existing domain. Hooking up the backend database was also extremely hard.

What's next for LiveList

This technology can b expanded to other e-commerce websites including Amazon and Ebay.

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