Music, movies and videogames experiences at home can be enhanced through real-time context-aware ambient lighting.

Even further, with Wireless-IoT technology, this can be extended to live experiences, like concerts, through wearable lighting.

What it does

A multiplatform (Android/iPhone/Web) application running in your smartphone is monitoring the sound around you.

It works indoors, while you are listening to music, watching movies or playing videogames, hacking the light of your room, creating an amazing and immersive experience that reacts to your activity and mood.

It also works outdoors, lighting your clothes depending on your location and the environmental sounds. Lights can even be controlled from the Cloud, enabling the design of incredible interactive experiences in music festivals!

How we built it

We developed a web interface able to communicate with pretty much everyThing. In the current demo it communicates with Smart Bulbs from Osram and Philips.

We have also developed our own wearable light, based on Arduino and NeoPixels, so that you can wear your sound-controlled light everywhere. Be flashy!

Challenges we ran into

Mixing engineering and art to create a great visual experiences was amazing. In the meantime, we had to learn how to use the provided LEDs and Wireless Microcontroller boards. We already love these new folks, but it was tricky! ;-)

What's next for Live Lights

Our next motivation is connecing artist and designers to create innovative experiences that can be shared with the users of Live Lights through the Cloud. We also plan to improve our Machine Learning algorithm with the users community to automate the creation of innovative new experiences.

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