Development teams everywhere have tonnes of written data, on meeting boards and tonnes left unsaid. Traditionally, development teams would use very unwieldy software solutions that have large overhead to run and purchase. For teams large and small, physical kanban boards provide the physical satisfaction of accomplishing your tasks but lack in the department for tracking. But what if we can merge the benefits of both systems?

One camera, one board, one website

LiveKan syncs your physical board with your online board. Providing you with the insights of apps, with all the fun of sticky notes. When you move a user story on the board, the web app updates. Reality, more than augmented. It's technology ingrained...

On the website, we expose insights into possible employee metrics that will be useful for small teams. Now you don't have to be a large software foundry to have top league Project Management solutions. Even if you are solo, a camera setup in your home or meeting room will allow you to sync your user stories.

The Technical Solution

A seemingly simple solution, a complex implementation. It all starts with a 8 MP webcam, linked up to advanced OpenCV software running 4 layers of various image enhancements. Processing at 24 frames a second, it goes into a ML data server hosted locally to parse shapes and user story task.

Piped into a smart backend server storing all our events in Mongo. We take all that data, and pair it with our clean React frontend. Analytics suites standing by, we can store team data and plug it into their associated tasks.

All the while, multiple microservices ensure a smooth - enterprise grade server deployment. Thanks to Docker and Webpack.

Designing Around Our Problems

Once the team arrived we found out that all the webcam's were taken. Starting a city adventure that would take us to multiple stores in order to search for our hardware.

We also ran into an issue for handwriting recognition. A 12 year problem, may exist for more while hackers like us chip away at it.

This hack also required a melding of opposite programming disciplines, most of the team not having OpenCV experience, we had two people work on low level programming to get crucial data, while exposing that in a human centric experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The lessons we documented we can pass on our lessons into a open source contribution.

What's next for LiveKan

Taking it out of the cathedral and into the bazaar. We can't wait to have it on the market in a variety of forms.

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