We were inspired by a social problem that a place to live is more than just a place to stay away from the rain, cold, heat. It is a place to enjoy life in. A location where places nearby are what you enjoy such as sushi restaurants, coffee shops, rock climbing, music stores, parks and many more. A place to live should be chosen on what you have value in either its the home, price, activities and shops around, or the nature around it and with in our app, we try to bring that information to you.

What it does

Our website uses a database filled with homes that are available to purchase for the location you want to look into. Along with displaying the information of the location and price of these homes, it also locates the nearest shops and recreational areas around that location. And with a database that we have created ourselves, the user is able to post their own estates for rent or for sale. We have also built a mobile app that gives information on the area you're thinking of living such as the weather, the quality of life and the various homes available in that city that you are interested in.

How we built it

We built the website using a PHP framework called Laravel using mysql to query the database. Using calls to the foursquare and google map api we were able to integrate a way to locate shops, recreational areas, and activities that you could do around the location of where you are willing to purchase. In our mobile android app, we built it using android studio whilst using the openweather api to grab the weather conditions, the teleport api to find the quality of life and calls to our database to grab the available houses that are for sale/rent all within the city of your choosing.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into challenges with implementing an azure database within our project as it kept coming up with errors. And having not been in touch with android studio some members of the team had to relearn how to use android studio to get decent workflow going. Finding apis to use for our idea and using them took up most of our time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of not only being able to make a website but also a mobile android app that serves the our main purpose of giving you the information to find the perfect place for you. Proud of using multiple apis to integrate various data to allow the user to better influence their choices in order to make the right decision.

What we learned

We learned that apis are useful tools to implement into one's apps because not only does it do a lot of hard work already in the background, it is also easy to get the data you need with just a simple rest call. We learned that managing our tasks small enough fasten our workflow and helping each other was the key to success.

What's next for LiveInLife

What's next with liveinlife is a way to get real estate / renting data so you don't need to populate ourselves. Using the foursquare, teleport and openweathermap api to further give more valuable data that can be used to further give you the perfect place you've been always dreaming of. Also, the design for the app would also be polished to suit a more modern, simple look and further testing to get rid of the many bugs that are still within both the website and android app.

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