The application we have designed and implemented is called LiveGreen. The goal of LiveGreen is to turn saving energy into a challenge between friends and family. By being able to compare usage trends among friends, we think that users will make a stronger attempt to use less energy. Another reason why users would feel they should use less energy is because they can easily compare their own energy trends day to day, week to week, month to month, and year to year. With a persistent reminder of how much energy they are using and how much money it costs them, they are more likely to reduce consumption than if they only the knowledge of their month bills.

The future of LiveGreen is to add achievements and tips to further gamify saving energy. The tips will be based on the users energy trends so that they directly apply to them. For example, when a user is consistently using a lot of energy during peak hours, a tip they will see is that they can save "x" amount of dollars if they shifted 15% of that energy to a later time of the day.

Next, we hope to add some kind of award system. The benefits to this idea are two fold. We would attempt to get companies on board that will provide discounts to users who have, for example, reduced energy consumption by 10% this month compared to their previous month, or they used less energy than 3 of their friends. The possibilities are endless. This allows companies to advertise and it gives the users motivation to reduce their consumption.

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