Livedash is a mobile inbox for leads. It combines the innovation of cross-social lead discovery, the familiarity of a mobile email application, and the power of the Salesforce platform to create a lucrative new marketing opportunity.

People share their interests across many social streams, often as candid pins, tweets, and posts. Livedash uses 8 Salesforce APIs and 33 social networks to find people who care about your product, market, and competitors. Combined with your existing Salesforce leads, they are qualified by their level of interest and influence, then augmented with additional personal information so you see exactly who they are.

Your inbox of leads is displayed in a beautiful iPad application that feels as familiar as mobile email. It's a breeze to export promising leads to Salesforce, follow them on Twitter, or even target them for specific ads on Facebook. Livedash finds all their social accounts, so if someone pins your product on Pinterest, you can easily follow them on Twitter or advertise to them on Facebook.

This is a powerful new form of targeting that we call "cross-social targeting". To test its efficacy, we ran an ad campaign on Facebook with a control group using traditional targeting versus Livedash cross-social targeting. The Livedash ad had 15 times as many clicks per impression. Livedash enables advertising to achieve higher conversions and broader reach, providing significantly more value.

Livedash builds on the power of Salesforce and the ease of a mobile inbox, delivering the incredible potential of cross-social targeting.

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