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Original concept here (created before hackathon) inspired us to want to create a customizable education/training experience. Our end goal is a usable gamified DEI training that can be leveraged by anyone to better understand the lived experiences of trans and non-binary (NB) people. Our entire team is made up of trans and NB programmers!

What it does

The original concept ported to python, so the game walks a user through the lived experiences of a trans person.

How we built it

Using python and pygame will allow us to have more flexibility and opportunities with the User Interface later.

Challenges we ran into

We had some trouble making the video due to extreme sleep deprivation... MAJOR TIMEZONE DIFFERENCE PAIN. A mid-hackathon cross-country flight... A midterm due in the middle... Getting started using pygame with windows, in containers, and just in general.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a container! We have a great concept! We have some great next steps!

What we learned

2 people learned python for the first time! All of us learned about pygame and game development for the first time! We learned about each other, which was the true takeaway! <3

What's next for Lived Experience - Transgender

Adding some more thorough storylines (coming out, sexual orientation challenges, homelessness, access to education, etc.) Adding more content for non-binary (NB) characters Finish implementing visuals, audio, and movement with pygame framework Make the game playable on the web, mobile, and PC Add more funny interactions and complex relationships

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