We want to make people go further, together! Our application aims to create a friendly competitive environment for an entire organization. Each time an employee completes a task, points are given based on how much time it took to complete it. But, most importantly, if you cooperated with another department/team to check the task, you both get more points!

What it does

Our app is a TODO list visible to your entire organization! Your manager assigns his employees, whom are split by department, certain tasks. Honestly, we did not had time to implement most of our features, but hey, we can check task in live with Socket.io

How we built it

Our web application was built from the ground up using the Flask framework connected to a Google Cloud MySql Database. Everything updates in real-time thanks to Websockets!

Challenges we ran into

Even though we got our project idea quite early, setting up the environment took a lot of time! Constant tweaking in order to future-proof the project was our downfall, as we had underestimated the time we would spend on annoying technical problems.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting it to work, we didn't have any experience with all of the tools used. Our project started coming together at 4 P.M. on Saturday. Even though the demo is not as functional as we would like, a little more time in the oven will inevitably make our app great!

What's next for LiveCheck

A proper authentification system, stats for the entire organization (with graphs), reward system for high-scoring teams and individuals and a graphical overhaul.

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