Meet Sayd, neck deep in technology and hacking. He has interest in finding people of mutual interest on Twitter, Facebook and social media platforms, but he finds himself drowned in the neverending converstions on Twitter irrelevant to his interest and can barely engage in wholesome productive banter with them.

Meet Hani, An MLH Fellow, designer, and developer with deep seated passion for cloud technologies. He vastly loves to discuss and share insights with other people of interest.

Meet Jida a Developer with passion in meeting Hackers in the Developer community to build discuss interest and share learning.

Life should be so simple for these two to easily meet and discuss their interest with people in same domain. This is what we provide with livee chat . A chat app that lives as an extension in your browser. With any website or domain you visit, you chat with people who are also on the sane website with similar interest.

What it does

Livechat reduces interaction between people of mutual interest to just a click of the button. Think of your a favourite app say discord but in the browser!

How we built it

We used AWS Amplify for implementing authentication throughout our application. We used AWS AppSync to simplify the creation of our GraphQL API. Our back-end is serverless, using AWS Lambda functions. We used React to create the browser extension.

Challenges we ran into

In the beginning, we had some issues with first setting up our AWS CDK because of authentication issues on our end. However, the biggest challenge was to quickly learn the technologies we chose to use: learning GraphQL and Serverless was an amazing experience. We ran into Network errors with Amplify, which seemed to be a common error with Amplify.

We learned about web-sockets due to the real-time nature of our chat application. It was our first experience building a browser extension, and it was super cool to know that we could use PWA frameworks like React in a browser extension.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It was our first time using AWS Amplify, Lambda, and AppSync - we have never worked with GraphQL before either. We wanted to try out new technologies and learn a lot, and we are proud that we were able to quickly pick up new skills and eventually deploy a working application.

What's next for Livechat Browser Extension

One idea we had is to create different communities within the global chat of the website to potentially restrict people you chat with in the application in case this extension scales.

However, we first want to publish this extension to the Chrome Store to make it easier for people to try it out.

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