Inspired by our near death experience during our travels to Vanderbilt: swerving on the freeway and being pulled over by a cop, we realized both of these problems were caused by trying to scan for different radio stations.

Our app lets users find nearby radio stations that match their tastes in music, as well as find interesting historical facts and locations in the surrounding area. Our UI includes large, easy-to-click buttons and text-to-speech that reads all results to the user, for less distractions while driving.

Messing around with wolfram while making Live Trip we realized there are a lot of really obscure yet interesting places and radio stations that we never even knew about in our home towns. Our app enables users to enrich their lives and travel experiences by learning about places they pass through while listening to great music along the way,. Live Trip is the perfect road trip companion for the curious and adventurous at heart.

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