This projects is personal for for few members in the team who have experienced friends or family deaths due to car accidents.

What it does

It is a display that will be placed on important roads of the city by important i mean which connect multiple different places and on statistics basis are very crowded.

How I built it

We built it using WPF C# framework and due do the lack of google api we couldn't load live data so we gathered few information and saved it and will be using it in the demo

Challenges I ran into

Our time was wasted while deciding which api to be used and due to the topic being very vast there were many questions and problems raised in between.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This project being my first hackathon so i am proud with the work i did and was able to collaborate with team well.

What I learned

I had learned business analytics skill and the steps required to create a project from the ground up.

What's next for Live Traffic Display

Currently we are using just google api and so in further development we are planning to make a way to make the connection secure and also ensure that the data received is correct.

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