"LiVe - the 8 Healthy Habits" online adventure game was developed to teach 9-15 year olds how to make essential lifestyle choices by using the "8 Healthy Habits"". The opening screens start with an airplane crash onto LiVe Island inviting players to:

"Get ready for an adventure; you’ve just landed on LiVe Island! You’ll need to rely on your knowledge of the Eight Healthy Habits to get through the adventures ahead. If you answer questions quickly and correctly, you’ll get Provisions that will help you LiVe better on the island."

The game is an open BOOK game, and based on information from the USDA MyPyramid and the Intermountain Healthcare Kids Weight Management program, online reading material supporting the 8 lessons is available to the players during game play. As the players answer the questions and navigate caves, beaches, volcanoes and other threats, rewards, or “Provisions”, are earned through accuracy and speed, and help to transform the players’ Avatars from distressed to happy.

The players can track their scores as they demonstrate their knowledge of the Eight Healthy Habits, and they are awarded printable Certificates of Completion at the end of the game.

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