In this time of the Covid-19 situation, where everybody is struggling to earn money from home because of the long lockdowns many people have lost their job in this pandemic. This App has the potential to help you earn money without worrying about your losses since it will give you a notification whenever the stock goes up or down in the market.

  • Every day in general people who have an interest in stocks has to hunt for good stock shares.
  • Now people can manage the stock shares easily.

What it does

  • Smart Chatbot with AI features using Natural Language Processing, and Sentiment Analysis. Built with Dialogflow API.

  • This Messenger provides users with an interactive interface just like Twitter, and Whatsapp.

  • Messenger bot fetches past and present stock prices from NASDAQ, finance Yahoo, NSE and displays Basic stock information such as current price, dividend rate, and statistical chart.

  • Based on user preference the messenger bot makes future stock price predictions based on custom machine learning models like LSTM and Recurrent Neural Networks.

  • The messenger also fetches tweets from Twitter with stock interest using web scraping(selenium) and performs Qualitative analysis using sentiment analysis to predict whether to invest in stocks or not.

How we built it

ML Model Used- LSTMs(For Predicting Stock Prices), Recurrent NNs, Sentiment Analysis, NLP.

Tensorflow Keras ARIMA-Model LSTM RNNs NLP Scikit-Learn DialogFlow AI-Kit Selenium-Webdriver Matplotlib Tweetpy GCP Twillio Twitter Messanger Heroku Flask HTML CSS Javascript Php

Challenges we ran into

Coping up with the distance between team members and distant communication gave a bit of inconvenience but the trust and work paid the price off.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

*We have tried to create an automation app that analyzes the data stacks and recommends the better platform to invest in.

  • We even tried to create a messenger bot that will guide us through the app and will interact with us to give a deeper knowledge about particular tickers.

What we learned

  • We learned about machine learning algorithms and sentimental analysis and how to use them on a financial platform and develop it.
  • We even learned of new technologies which made us open our minds to a new land of development of apps and platforms

What's next for An automated Stock Predictor App

In the future, we will be adding voice recognition and a virtual broker which will increase the accuracy of the app.

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