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  • Get Real-time feedback from your audience is a web application that lets you get live presentation feedback to connect with your audience.

When you need to communicate to a group of people, building a connection is vital to improve that communication. In a typical setting, if you need to ask a group a question, it’s tough to get an accurate analysis of what people answer in a timely matter. We’ve decided to make a solution. allows people to create questions on any device that’s connected to the web. Once a group of questions is made, Hivepoll generates three unique view links: the presenter, view, the audience view, and the display view.

The presenter view gives the question-creator a display of all the questions they made in the session. They are then able to push these questions for the audience to see and answer.

The audience view can be accessed by an infinite amount of people who then wait for the presenter to ask questions. No more having to go to different links for questions or having to buy expensive devices!

Finally, the display view shows the current questions with the amount of votes the given question received. This view is updated in real time so everyone can see the votes as people cast them.

All of this makes for an intuitive experience that saves presenter’s time and allows the audience to communicate quickly and accurately.

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