I love Spark AR! This is an amazing tool. I learn this tool for about six months. I was very excited when I know about the target tracker. And I got a chance to realize a new project using it.

What it does

You need to point the camera at the Monument (located in Russia) and you can see my effect.

How I built it

I used After Effect to create animation growing of flowers. After that, I created a project in Spark AR and build all logic.

Challenges I ran into

I had some challenges. Target tracker works for daylight but at night not. I did two options: day and night. Also, my project file was very big so I optimized all my graphics.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My effect used when celebrating 100-years of Udmurtia (Russia). More than 200 people tried Effect. Also, I got good feedback from creators community in Facebook

What I learned

Spark AR, Target Tracker

What's next for Live Monument

At the moment I try to build others project using Target Tracker

Built With

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