• Paul Barnard (Python software developer at JBA Consulting)
  • Albert Chen (Senior research fellow at University of Exeter on hydraulic modelling and risk assessment)
  • Sam Griffiths (Python Developer for JBA Consulting)
  • Laura Ludwinski (Software developer for JBA Consulting)
  • Li-Pen Wang (Postdoc researcher at KU Leuven)
  • Peter Watson (Postdoc at Oxford University)


  • To summarise GloFAS forecast information into a 'Time to respond' map that helps decision making before/during flood emergency. This is present in a user friendly way with key statistics which could help decision making.

What it does:

  • Obtains all 51 ensembles for a forecast over the next 30 days
  • Processes these against the static return period discharge thresholds
  • Allows the plotting of flood probability for each day
  • This allows us to do further processing to highlight how long LLFAs, charities or any flood response teams have to respond to a potential flood.

How its built:

  • Python code


  • Data manipulation


  • Data was finally downloaded and we produced the start of our final product

What was learned:

  • What a hack-a-thon involves

What's next for LIVE (Logistic and Infrastructure Visual Evaluation):

  • More map processing!!

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