The world needs to be educated and informed, and that process should be least tiresome and if possible, enjoyable!

Based on the topic which you want to simulate (say, Obesity, Mental Health, Vaccinations), the user is taken on an interactive journey, where he/she has to choose the choices, which would then account to the overall score.

Although the idea was conceptualized using a GUI on Python using Tkinter, we ultimately used the MIT App Inventor to directly integrate the application to the Mobile Devices.

Although not being from a Computer Science background, we were able to develop an application, which we never had, earlier! Also, we were encoured to work as a team and in a fixed time frame.

The next step for Live it! is to work on the detailing and improving the interface. As for the Hackathon, we simulated a single situation and a single bitmoji. The next step would be to add more of the scenarios and bitmoji's for a better interactive experience! And lastly, try and publish it!

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