Are you a hardcore selfie taker? Live Feed is an Apple Watch app made for you! In our minds the Apple Watch is an extension of your phone, and was designed to make your phone more capable and convenient for you. So with that in mind we decided to make an app that helps facilitate better selfies. It streams the camera preview to your watch, this can be useful in situations like when you want to take wide angle/better quality pictures with your rear facing camera where It can help you frame the shot. It can also be useful for taking group photos. You can place the camera at a distance and frame your shot. Although the final app will be camera app, we could not make that due to simulator regulations regarding a camera and the lack of an actual Apple Watch. So instead we settled on an app that proves the technology. It is currently an app that takes a pre-recorded selfie video and streams it over to the watch by sharing screenshots every 0.5 seconds. This is identical to how the camera app would function except the video would be a the camera preview.

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