Music lovers are sad and bored.They want to have concerts physically but they can't. But if they want, they can do it online with this platform. Street animals need food and care. Foundations need help for costs. With cheap tickets everyone can access live home concerts and they will be happy psychologically. With this platform street animals will be happy with food and care ,too..

What it does

It is a web platform for people can take and give concerts. There will be options to give and get free tickets.The ticket costs will be very cheap like 1$. The people who want to get ticket with money, can take more than one ticket. And the tickets which taken more, will be free ticket for another people who can not pay. People who want to take free ticket can get only one free ticket. There will be a list for requests. If all the requests for free ticket on this list, they can tak second or many(another step) free ticket. All payments will be sent for street animals care and food.

How I built it

I built a website with html5, css , bootstrap and But my project is not completed functionally. It is'nt work which I want. There are defects. I need to improve my project to work and to be ready for using.

Challenges I ran into

When I learn this hackathon, I have 2 days.This is a challenge for me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

If I want to be successful on my projects, decisions for design and work are important before starting. When I know what I want and what I should learn; I can use my time efficiently.

What's next for Live Concert For Animals

There is defects of my project. I should improve myself about this and complete my project.

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