Everyone loves Lut's so we want to give people the option to create their own color effect in real time, so everyone could use the colors they were feeling at the time

What it does

This is a color change tool in real time, where you can change the light, medium and dark tones of the envroinment colors.

How we built it

We use SparkAR's texture extraction feature and work the shader to change colors

Challenges we ran into

Our challenges were to make the persistence system by script and learn how to create this shader

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud to have managed to create the first system we saw where it is possible to make a color effect in real time and save it

What we learned

We learned to do persistence and we got better at scripting and shaders.

What's next for Live Color Grading

We intend to use the same techniques, for saturation, b & w, brightness and contrast.

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