In the beginning, the team wanted to test out using the Qualcomm Dragon board, since it was new hardware that would be more challenging, than using an Arduino, for example. Utilizing the Qualcomm Dragon board, our team developed a group of LEDs that turn on when the circuit is connected using a touch sensor. With this functionality in mind, our team thought about different projects, that could use the Qualcomm Dragon board and LEDs. The idea we decided on was a way to help color blind individuals, with traffic situations that would require them to be able to differentiate the three different colors. Additionally, since red and green color blindness are one of the most common out of all the colors, it was something we thought would be useful if developed more. Our technical idea was to use computer vision, employing the live usage of OpenCV in Python, real-time text to speech, and a webcam to detect the changes of the LED colors, relay that information via audio, and display the corresponding color on the live feed. With this project, we aim to assist color blind people who are concerned for their safety as they drive or walk across a busy intersection.

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