Berkeley students understand the housing crisis that we have to go through. The dread when you need to find new housing.

A majority of students use the Berkeley "Housing" group on Facebook to find housing. However, searching through the group is not easy. There is no search by feature and no map to see where a listing is located.

Imagine you're an EECS student who is low on funds. You want to live Northside so you're closer to Soda and Cory but don't want to pay a crazy amount for rent. Our website allows you to look for listings in the group that match your preferences.

If we were to continue this project, we would add to the UI/UX, making the website experience more appealing and the design more aesthetic. We would also support more categories to search by and also allow users to post directly from the website.

This project was our first completed Hackathon project and it has been a great learning experience.

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