Homelessness is a large issue in Baltimore, as well as many other cities across the country. To go along with the theme, "Build with Purpose" and the Compass Challenge, we have decided to develop a program that addresses the issue and provides aid to those in difficult conditions.

What it does

Similar to instant text updates for MTA bus times, users will be able to text their station ID to our number and receive a text back with directions and time needed to travel to the nearest shelters and support facilities so they can be helped.

How I built it

We started by implementing a google-maps window onto our webpage with their API key and marked all bus stations within the region with coordinates found in MTA's database.

Challenges I ran into

We had trouble finding and implementing a way to interact with messages from cellphones to receive area ID's and returning the correct list of destinations to the sender.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of correctly implementing the window for google-maps and precisely marking all of the bus stations within the region.

What I learned

As a group, we learned how to coordinate and distribute tasks amongst one another. We also learned how to work with PHP and different API's to access necessary data.

What's next for Live Better

We could expand further so the application covers more ground along the east coast. Creating a mobile app for the program can also boost usage and bring awareness to the issue of homelessness.

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