Jayme pitched us this idea at the beginning of the hackathon. Being a music fanatic, she wanted to create a social music application that could quickly share her favorite songs with friends. The rest of the team was immediately on board because we couldn't think of any simple social app that already did this. Litunes was born.

What it does

Users pick 3 favorite songs each week. The user flow is simple. When a user first lands on Litunes they are brought to a live stream of their friends 3 favorite songs of the week. When a user is clicked on, you are brought to their profile page where you can see the timer running down to when they can post their next 3 songs. Once this timer runs down, there is a button called "add lit songs" where users add the links of their favorite songs from soundcloud.

How we built it

We love whiteboards. First we started drawing low fidelity sketches/wireframes to hash out how the user would flow through our site. Our mantra: Keep it simple. We knew we could always add more features later and make the UI look more aesthetically pleasing. However, since we only had a weekend to put this together, we wanted to get a simple version working so we had something to show.

Challenges we ran into

Getting this onto the server. Learning amazon web services. Getting all of our code to work together seamlessly. There's just not enough time to do all the things we wanted!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The design, connecting to the database, dynamically pulling data, fully responsive design.

What we learned

We work really well together in a team. And we think we're funnier than we really are.

What's next for Litunes

We want to keep working together and adding more features. Hopefully get our friends to make accounts, start posting their favorite songs, syncing playlists..and QR codes ;)

it's lit

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