Visit a colorful, charming forest landscape, and read the story of Little Leaf.

This VR experience combines elements from comic/picture books, animated film, and 3d games. Animated characters, 3d environments, and music enrich the storybook experience.

Controls: Hands free game play. All player input is done through gaze activation. Simple and intuitive game interaction requires no complex controls to learn or deal with.

Mechanics: Players are put in the middle of a forest landscape, where they will follow the tale of the main character, Little Leaf. Audiences read and experience the story which is accompanied by 3D visuals. The story is presented in scene blocks. The player progresses the story to the next scene by activating gaze trigger icons.

User comfort: Players can sit comfortably and be relaxed without worrying about how to play. Audiences are transported around the virtual environment gently, through teleportation. The Story progresses in a comfortable manner, pausing at set scene intervals. Players are always in full control of when to advance the story. The audience never loses control of the pace at which the story is presented to them.

From hands free game play and interaction, to full immersion in a virtual landscape, this experience presents a story in a unique way, which is only possible in VR.

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