I loved to try new restaurants and considered myself a foodie. I take photos to record what I have eaten, and I usually share those food photos on some food critic social channels.

But I feel my photos are quite similar compare to others' photos. So I'm thinking if there's a way to make my food review photos a bit different than others.

So I cam up with this idea -- put a little foodie (which representing myself) on the table to take photos with the dishes!

What it does

This filter can put a little character on the table/ground. The special thing about this filter is you can customize a lot of things. You can pick the character's style, movement, face emotion, speech bubble style, and give ratings.

So with this filter, you can express how much you love (or hate) the food just within the photo. The little foodie speaks for you!

How I built it

I draw a lot of images, make a lot of animations, and some 3d models. Some of the art assets were purchased, but usually still been modified by myself to fit my need.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge is to figure out a nice way for users to do customization. There are so many options to pick, and also they can adjust both the character and the speech bubble's position, rotation, scale.

In the end, I use multiple levels of NativeUI Picker to do the trick. But it seemed the picker act differently on Android and iOS. I was developing with Android, and I found I might have some bugs to fix in iOS ...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm so happy to make this filter. This filter is just what I would want for myself! And also I felt satisfied with the customization functionality!

What I learned

I think I dug deeply into the NativeUI Picker function. And also spent a lot of time managing assets and complex editor patches. I think I have improved my managing skills!

What's next for Little Foodies

Maybe the next version should let users customize more detail. Like the hairstyle, or switch cloth. That might be more useful. The making of the 3d model is also going to be much more complex!

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