We took the basic car design from Little Bits and refined and added features to it!

What it does

The car is controlled through a dual joy-stick controller that we made. The controller has LED speed indicators and a horn button. The car can drive around and turn in place. You can honk a little horn (hence 'Little Beeps') and a white LED will light up.

How we built it

We hacked around with Little Bits and found a design that saved space as well as added features.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the batteries to power both motors, the horn and light.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We didn't look at the provided instruction manual the entire time we made this project. We also refined our design through several iterations to make controls more intuitive, make the design of the car sleeker/smaller and create an awesome, nice looking RC car.

What we learned

How to use Little Bits! An awesome building kit for easy-to-build hardware projects.

What's next for Little Beeps

Dismantling and returning the parts :'(

Built With

  • little-bits
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