How many university events have you been at where the organizers seemed more confused than the attendees? Where the schedule has progressively been pushed back “for just five minutes”?

This is the unfortunate reality at many events, and our team believes that in a world that is increasingly connected, this is unacceptable and solvable

Our solution, LitTix:

  • Lightweight and powerful platform that operates across iOS, android and the web, built with efficiency in mind
  • LitTix's goal is to initiate and maintain clear communication between event organizers and attendees at every step -- from ticket purchasing to figuring out where the closing ceremony is
  • Replaces conventional standards of looking up names in a list with a rapid QR check-in, check-out system
  • Has built in analytics that provide both real time head counts as well as lists for volunteers and guest lists
  • Legacy support for past events to help organizers better plan for the future
  • Attendees who use our platform get the advantage of being able to see live updates from organizers pushed to their phone with multiple tiers of importance: If the building is on fire, your phone will be vibrating as frequently as if your angry ex was trying to call you
  • Attendees also have access to live stats: Reports people inside, how many of your friends are going, the estimated walking or driving distance
  • Attendees can report abuse discreetly to the organizers using the app

(Our App Github Repo is set to private and the owner is currently sleeping, if the link still doesn't work the Zip folder contains both repos)

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