Communities are a driving life force that can't be neglected. We want to allow cities and their citizens to get involved and protect their community. Earth Day Texas is a wonderful example of what can happen when more people collaborate together and we believe our app has potential to get citizens involved in events as well as taking care of the health of their city.

What it does

LitterBug is a web based app where users gain LitterBugs, a reward system to incentivize community involvement. Users can log in to access their profile as well as see a list of 'tasks'. The app is centered about one major task, picking up litter, but in order to gain support from community groups and organizations, we list community events and reward the user when they participate. Litter collection is tracked via GPS, so users must be at locations with litter. Also, images of the litter a user picks up must be taken. These images are verified with Indico to prevent rudimentary cheating. This, along with weekly caps, will prevent the abuse of the reward system and require users to spread out to find new places to clean up. After users earn LitterBugs, they can not only compare to friends and other users, but they can also visit the sponsors' page where cities and organizations can post rewards and prizes in order to benefit the city as a whole.

How we built it

The frontend is a react web app that handles listing tasks and allowing the user to submit tasks. The backend does user storage and image processing in flask and presents a REST API to the frontend to use.

Challenges we ran into

Learning to use Indico to perform image processing as well as dealing with session cookies for user login storage. Using the accelerometer to also reward walking in order to pick up litter to prevent users driving which negates their environmental efforts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The styling of the front end page, we are very proud of, creating a simple interface between profile, tasks, and leaderboard for users to see and interact with, making them all the more likely to use the app and become a part of their community.

What we learned

I learned 24 hours goes by fast when you miss the first 5 and then sleep during the night as well.

What's next for LitterBug

We're hoping when properly implemented, our app can benefit communities globally allowing citizens to get involved with the goals of the city as a whole and allow the city to motivate and reward citizens for maintaining a positive community vibe.

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