We strongly believe data is the next soil where opportunities are enormous. Even domain is generating a huge amount of data. One way to make sense of it other than storing it is to make data driven approach and helps organizations to take better decision with a proof in hand.

What it does

We have built an data visualization engine which can take any dataset in (currently supported .csv format) and auto transform into meaning full visual insights

How we built it

We used Python & Javascript combination to build this viz engine.

Challenges we ran into

Data is unknown so its hard to classify it in order to provide meaningful insights. We need to work deeply to make it accurate in visual story telling.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to build an MVP in 24 hours time which in future we can use it as base and do more enhancement in given time with lots of research work included. It helps us to know more about data using our product.

What we learned

We teamed up yesterday and now we have a MVP in hand. It might be hard if there was no team work. So we believe that a good coordination can make a major impact in doing anything.

What's next for LitmusBi

We are having a roadmap now to fix lots of bugs (visible as well invisible). We are now committed as a team to take over this projects and build it as a better solution which can be accessible for anyone with minimal human intervention. There are currently better visuals which can tell multidimensional data stories we will be implementing those in upcoming days.

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