The lackluster built-in functionality of GroupMe.

What it does

It processes user inputs to add features such as echoing and poking, while also providing an API for other devices and services to access servers. All at the domain of ''

How I built it

Backend runs on Google App Engine and accepts HTTP requests from devices such as the Qualcomm 410c, which translates Arduino serial messages into HTTP requests. The backend also acts as an endpoint for receiving GroupMe messages. For both of these inputs, the backend decides what response to send back to GroupMe to be posted as a bot message on the server.

Challenges I ran into

Converting serial messages to requests. Getting App Engine to not return a 502 on the domain.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Deploying to App Engine, registering a domain, handling translation from physical to software worlds.

What I learned

Deployment, pyserial

What's next for LitMe

Adding more chat commands and API commands. Creating a system to allow commands to be defined from a class or grammar so they are not hardcoded.

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