Lithos is an interactive multiplayer strategy game in which the user plays the role of a tribe leader who tries to overcome various obstacles in Prehistoric Age. Unlike many other games that have been developed in this genre, Lithos provides the user with knowledge about Prehistory in an exciting gaming environment without sacrificing either of entertainment or education for the sake of the other. At the beginning of the game, the player leads an uncivilized tribe with a primitive mindset that is solely focused on survival. The timeline of Prehistory is evenly spread as levels starting from Paleolithic Age, continuing through Iron Age and finally emerging as a civilization. At the start of each level, the goals that are related to the particular level (era) are mentioned. The goals may consist of tribe survival, developing skills, building houses, making implements and technological advances (like discovering fire or inventing the wheel). After the completion of the goals, the player is prompted to answer an end of the level quiz which dwells on the events of the current level if the player answers the quiz satisfactorily, he/she can move on to further levels. The game finally ends with the tribe successfully replicating the events of prehistoric age and settling down as a sophisticated civilization. The overall concept of the game is that the player has to employ strategies to deal with various situations and crises like hunger, wildlife, climatic conditions that force them to find a shelter, relations with other tribes and progress technologically according to the chronology of Prehistory. The competitiveness of the game is ensured as the player goes up AI which ceaselessly engages the player by tossing unpredictable events at the tribe whenever there is a period of safety. As the tribe evolves and the game advances, the tribe gains a skill set the matchmaking app uses this info to hunt down other tribes led by external players with a compatible skill set. Then these tribes can go against each other or collaborate to go against some other tribe.

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