All of the developers of Lithium share a passion for music and music production. In addition, one developer has recently acquired a Music Production Center (MPC). In a musical mood, the developers came up with the idea for an app that allows the user to sample rhythms. The developers decided to integrate a Leap Motion into to the project . There are already music sampling apps for the Leap Motion; however, they either cost money to use or or do not pick up movement well. The target for Lithium is music lovers and music creators everywhere since the Lithium program is cross-OS compatible (since it is written in Java) and is extremely portable. As developers of Lithium, we are most proud of Lithium’s ability to trigger different sounds by identifying different fingers on the right hand. Additionally, the sounds can only be triggered with the right hand; use of the left hand will change the volume of the sounds. Finally, Lithium gives the user the opportunity to play over a background track that comes with the program.

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