The original idea for this project was to be developed into an iOS app. However, this idea did not work well and we decided to create based on web-based platform. didn't work out, so here we are... and education was a category that seemed like a nifty time.

What it does

 Matches you up with books based on your selected preference.

How it was built

 Microsoft Visual System, GitHub, SumoPaint, Google Book API

Challenges I ran into

 We tried to implement a FaceBook log in system, however, we could not figure out how to make the API work, we also wanted to implement a matching algorithm but we spent a lot of time trying to make it look pretty.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

 This is all our first Hackathon so we're just happy we managed to complete a project.

What I learned

 iOS apps are hard to make when your computer doesn't have enough RAM.

What's next for LITerature

 To be developed into an iOS app and implement a backend that logs the user in their account.

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