We have always been avid readers, devouring books one after the other. As we grew older, however, we were surprised to see that many of our friends and peers seemed to have lost interest in books. Our observations were supported by the Fraser Insitute rankings, which showed that scores for the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test were steadily declining. So, we made this app to help combat this issue and improve literacy competency.

What it does

This app helps hone users' literacy skills. It allows users to make an account that keeps track of their reading. They must enter the number of books they have read that month which will earn them points and awards. These awards are meant to incentivize people to read more. Additionally, our app features a search form with a database of books and summaries that they have access to if the user is having trouble finding a book to read.

How I built it

We were planning on using android studios to make this app, but the emulator was only periodically working so in order to make a finished product, we decided to use MIT App Inventor.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into a challenge when we first tried to run our program on Android Studios. In order to run, it needed an emulator yet our emulator just wasn't working. So we had to change plans and move our program to MIT App Inventor. We faced a challenge of learning a new way of programming, but with the help of online tutorials and our own intuitions, we got through it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of learning the basics of how to make an app. This hackathon really pushed us to expand our horizons and appreciate just how much work goes into everyday apps we use, from creating the layout on paper to the actual development of the app.

What I learned

We have learned how to quickly adapt to problems that arise. When our plan of using Android Studios was foiled, we had to learn how to translate all the work we'd done to MIT App Inventor.

What's next for LiteracyKey

We hope to expand our database to include a lot more books in the search section. As well, we hope to improve the user interface and design for the awards and scores portion.

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