Have you ever wondered how the stock market works? Does the idea of buying and selling shares seem confusing? Well, fear not my friends, for we have brought to you the never-been-done-before stock market simulation to answer all your questions!

What it does

In this simulation game, players go to our website, LitCoin, and instantly get to experience how stocks and stuff works.

How we built it

We synced up our progress using git. On our local drives, we employed a variety of IDEs to do the front-end and back-end portion of the simulation. We put everything together and hosted it on herokuapp.

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to use but there were few resources about it out there so we were unable to get it running.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The nav bar with scrolling text on each page.

What we learned

How to use git in a team setting.

What's next for LitCoin

We're going to continue working on it and get to work with it because it'd be really nice if the simulation had realtime updates.

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