Create, manage and rank your lists in a smarter and more rewarding way! Sign up with Listpick and pick your items in order today! You must have lists such as wish lists, to-do lists, books to read, places to go and work tasks to prioritize, which will continue on throughout your life, as you know it.

There are many tools out there that will store lists, but storing isn't the problem. It's prioritization. Does your brain at this moment want to prioritize many lists at once with all those lists that you have stored? We don’t think so.

How your prioritization will be solved is that Listpick will present you with two items and a scope. Scopes might be money (items around $50), or time (jobs taking about 4 hours), or just unit tasks (books to read). Here’s where the fun part begins! You pick one, another two pop up with a different scope, and another and another. The challenge will make you want to pick more and more until those fancy fingers of yours can’t pick anymore! In minutes you can make hundreds of choices.

So steal those precious moments when you are standing in line at the DMV, waiting in the car for your friend at the 7-eleven, lying in bed while your partner is snoring as you fire up your Listpick app and start picking! What a satisfaction!

Finally, for example when you have extra time or cash in your pocket, you will pull up ListpIck, look at your task or wish lists knowing that you can vacuum that cat hair off the sofa in 30 minutes and buy those new pair of shoes in time for your date to arrive.

You will soon realize an accomplishment in your life that you will glad to have participated in through Listpick.

This is not just scratching an itch, it's a service that you need.

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