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Have you ever listened to music and accidentally ignored the person next to you trying to get your attention? Have you ever walked with your headphones in your ears and completely missed you friend saying hello since you could not hear him/her?

This revolutionary app provides a simple solution to this reoccuring problem. listenUP has the ability to survey the noise input around you and determine if your name was called! Once it detects this, listenUP automatically lowers down the volume so that you can listen to your surroundings!


If you are constantly at your desk, we have a desktop app. This runs in the background and alerts you in the following tiers when your name is called:

Tier 1: Toast Notification Tier 2: Text Notification Tier 3: Volume Mute

If you are hesitant about name specific notification, we have an optimized version which listens for any speech around you, filtering out the ambient noise, and lowers the volume so that you can hear around you. This is ideal in the group setting, if you are collaborating with others, and want to always be in the action when others are speaking!


If you don't like sitting at a desk and prefer the mobile life (pun on purpose), we are developing an iOS app as well! It will be releasing soon!


This app uses a variety of technologies in order for it to work. These include Google's Speech Recognition, NLP similarity metrics, OSX environment, Python Audio Libraries, Fast Fourier Transforms, and MFCC/FBANK machine learning analysis!

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