SharePoint List/Library Manager

It's a SharePoint Hosted Add-in for exceling List/Library Management productivity. Managing list/library by SharePoint's default features is always time consuming. This Add-in has been built with AngularJs and SharePoint REST API and its a single page app.


In home page, you will get all lists/libraries with pagination. Let's say now you want to find all Document Library in your site. It's not possible using default feature. In site content, you will get all lists and libraries but find them by a specific template is not possible. So this is your app to find list/library by a specific template.

find by template

Above picture is showing all Document Librarys. From here, you can add new Document Librarys

new document library

If you want to take action on a existing list/library, then just click on Action icon action on document library Now you can take following actions on your list/library

1. Edit Properties

You can quickly change/update your list/library's metadata update library

2. Clear Data

You can delete your all items/files from your lists/libraries at a time. Clear Data

3. Add Column

You can add columns very easily! Add Column

4. Reorder Column

You can easily reorder your columns in Display Form and Edit Form reorder column

5. Remove Column

See how it is easy to remove multiple columns at a time!! remove column

6. Remove List/Library

It's also very easy to remove list/library using this app. Just click on the Remove List icon from list/library details page. remove list

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