Everyone uses discord for hackathons, group projects, or for hanging out with friends. However, in order to manage your time wisely you would need to know any future events happening ahead of time. So how would you manage your time productively? A solution our team is by creating a discord bot where the bot records data of any upcoming events, removes/change events, and displays the list of dates so the user can be prepared ahead of time so user can be more productive.   

What it does

   Our discord bot's lets the user add events/reminders. The events and reminders are then stored in a JSON file. The user is notified when an event is going to occur 5 minutes before the event. Additionally the user can look up events anytime with the $display command and it will be displayed. All the above mentioned features can be disabled by the user through commands

How we built it

   Firstly, we had to download with other libraries, and create the bot through discord developer. Secondly, established commands then worked on adding events to the JSON file, organizing the event based from the date and time of the event, also conditions of how the user inputs data. Thirdly, removing the event by parsing through the JSON file and displaying the data stored from the JSON file.     

Challenges we ran into

   We ran into a couple of challenges during this hackathon. Our first challenge that we faced was sorting the events in a dictionary based on their due dates and times. Eventually we able to overcome this challenge. The next challenge we faced was finding a good way to display the events. We first tired to place the image within a rendered image of a calendar, but since we faced overlapping problems we went with displaying all the events within an embed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  Our bot is fully operational, and all tasks are performed based from the commands entered by the user.  We are proud that we've created a sorting algorithm to organize the events, and we've accomplished our goal for this hackathon.

What we learned

  We learned about library features, handled JSON parsing in python with other high order functions, and using discord embed messages. 

What's next for Liquid-Schedule Bot

 We would like to add more external functionalities/options to let the user export events from other software programs such as the google calendar or iCalendar. Another way we can enhance the experience is to allow users to add events in alternative ways, rather than inputting them solely through commands. For example, an interactive GUI can be implementing using the discord button API. 

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